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Does SEO Help Your Site Do Better In Search Results?

I've worked in digital marketing for quite a while. I'd like to think that I know a few things about the topic. There's something that's bothering me about what Digital Marketers tell their clients about SEO. It's something that I hear frequently, and I have to assume that many of those DMs are providing misinformation because they don't know themselves.

SEO helps your site do better in the search results on Google!

When it comes to SEO, and doing search engine optimizations on your site, many SEO and Digital Marketing specialists will tell their clients that doing SEO will help the site do better in the search results.

While it's true to some extent, doing SEO can help a site that isn't optimized at all, or has very bad SEO. For most sites, however, doing on-page SEO doesn't help in the way most people think.

The way it works is the same way that site loading times work, which are an element of SEO.

Rather than boosting your site higher in the search results, doing proper SEO will help the site from ranking lower in the results.

To fully picture this, imagine that you were comparing two websites. One was well optimized and the SEO maintained monthly. The other was optimized to some extent, but not maintained except for updating site extensions when needed.

The first is likely to do better in search results overall.

Now, let's say that a you are hired to do SEO on the second site. You optimize the site and you begin doing maintenance.

At best, you probably will only bring the second site up to about the same spot in the search results as the first, but doing SEO won't improve the site performance beyond the first website's place.

In a way, saying that a site will do better in the search results is true, but that's only a half truth. Saying that doing SEO will keep your site on par with its competition would be more accurate, but not what a digital agency wants to say.

What Does Improve Placement In The Search Results?

There are many things that can be done to improve search results page rank (SERP).

The biggest of which is building a strong backlink profile. This is a vast topic all on its own, and a very time consuming activity. Most businesses would rather hire a digital agency to do the work for them than spend hours doing content marketing.

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Does SEO Help Your Site Do Better In Search Results?
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