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What Is Interlinking?

Simply put, interlinking is when you place a link on one of the pages on a website that links to another page on the same site.

Interlinking serves the following purposes:

  • Improves site usability for visitors
  • Assists search engines is finding pages on the site
  • Improves search engine indexing (and SEO)
  • Establishes “cornerstone” pages

Interlinking Strategies

Lateral Links: Essentially, you are looking to link all the relevant pages on a website to each other. If you are writing about increasing a company’s ROI, you then would also want to link to articles that relate to ROI building.

Cornerstone Links: There should always be one article or blog post that all your other posts link to for more information on the topic. This is the “cornerstone” article that supports all the other articles.

Interlinking for SEO

You really don’t need to have a separate strategy for SEO interlinking. The only change is that you want to make sure that all the articles that you want the search engine to find are linked from another relevant page on the site.

When the search engines crawl the site, they are able to find all the pages, and use the links to build a hierarchy of the site’s content.

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