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I Just Ordered Laptop Stickers

Well, the rabbit hole just went deeper.

I found a promotion on Facebook. I don't usually click on those things.

This one was too good for me to pass up on, and it came at exactly the right time.

Yeah, that's the one. Stickermule is offering 10 trial stickers for $1.

I couldn't pass it up. I mean it was only $1.

Now I can put my logo on my laptop, phone or hand a couple out.

Device Stickers as a Marketing Tool

Along the same lines of my Business Card post, I started thinking whether device stickers really made for a good marketing tool, or if they were just a waste of money. Sure, I couldn't pass up a $1.00 deal, but if I am going to purchase stickers in quantity, would it be worth the $1 each?

Most people don't put stickers all over their stuff. The only exception to this general thought are people that frequent tech conferences. Often it's the developers that end up plastering stickers all over their MacBooks. I've seen a few put stickers on their phones. I've also seen a few backpacks with stickers, but outside of the conference scene, it's almost non-existant. In all the years I've been in and out of corporate offices and small businesses, I haven't once seen device stickers on anything.

Stickers Are Appropriate For The Right Audience

It would seem that the obvious answer is that yes, stickers are a good investment if you're a tech company going to frequent conferences where you can hand the stickers out along with promo materials. Of course, there's no way to immediately see if passing out stickers leads to more clients. It's more of a brand recognition thing.

At once conference I attended a couple years ago, there was a company that was giving away free stickers and other swag in exchange for emails. It was an interesting idea, but I ignored their subsequent emails until I finally unsubscribed.

Another company was also giving away free stickers, but they required you to put it on your backpack, water bottle or laptop right away. I'm not sure I'd be that intrusive.

As a brand new company, I don't think that I'll be buying swag (all the free promo stuff) in large quantities. I will have a few items to give away to those who I meet with, but it will only be functional stuff. Pens, pocket notebooks or other small items. I'd only buy stickers to put them on the notebooks for quick, easy branding.

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I Just Ordered Laptop Stickers
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