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A new challenge for myself to complete the things I start

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I’ve only posted new blog posts here when I felt like it.

Even though I do digital marketing for a living, it’s totally the wrong way to blog.

I’ve decided to challenge myself (and you if you blog) to write and publish a new blog post every day.

The reason that I’m doing this is to see what blogging every day can do for a low traffic site from a business and growth perspective, but also for personal reasons I go into below.

Right now, I have very little traffic, which is not surprising because I’m spending all my time and efforts on my 9-5 Digital Marketing job, which I love and enjoy, by the way.

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As you can see, over the past six months, this site hasn’t done much at all. I haven’t done anything for the site. No marketing, no promotion, zip, zilch, nada. There have been months that I haven’t even written a single post!

Writing blog posts every day helps me on a couple fronts.

I struggle with starting things on a personal level but have a hard time completing them when I lose interest. My attention generally is pretty chaotic, and this will help me focus on one thing and get it done.

It will help the blog grow. Adding fresh content to a site does help it when it comes to SEO efforts and to some extent, in the searches. Committing to creating a new blog post every single day will show the search engines that this site is active and worth coming back to for fresh content to be indexed.

This idea of writing a new post each day might seem a bit out of the blue, so let me explain…

Nothing is Working

I’ve been floundering around on the personal front a bit. I’m kind of tired of everyday carry, lost the interest in drones, and up to right now, I was looking for the “new thing” that would grab my attention.

I started getting into photography and videography, but I’m definitely not a vlogger or YouTuber.

I was racking my brain trying to find something that interested me enough to create a new website and blog about, but nothing was coming.

As I searched more and more, I found that nothing was grabbing me.

Could It Be That I Don’t Have Any Interest In Anything?

I began to think that I didn’t have interest in anything anymore. Nothing really interested me in the way that everyday carry and drones did… at least not enough to create a niche website about it.

Moreover, I was feeling like life was pretty mundane and ordinary. I was craving excitement and adventure. Living in a small town just isn’t fun. There’s no excitement here unless you call the annual parade through town excitement.

I was getting myself into such a slump that the only thing that was holding me together was family and work. I had quit working on all my “after 5 PM” websites, including this one. I only blogged when I had something exciting or new, and even then, I’d get halfway through a blog post and quit. It had become a real ordeal to work on anything beyond my day job.

It was earlier this evening, it came to me. I don’t exactly how I came to the conclusion, but I realized that I have to create my own interesting moments and excitement in life.

I was turning to hobbies and interests to find excitement, but as soon as the excitement wore off, I’d lose interest and abandon it.

Here’s What I Discovered…

Hobbies and interests that are funded by things you can buy only last for so long. Pretty soon, you find that you need to get something more, or a newer and better version of an item.

Take my interest in drones: I always wanted a DJI drone that I couldn’t afford. I’d buy small toy drones but was never satisfied. At a certain point, I kind of realized I wouldn’t be able to buy a $1700 drone anytime soon, and the interest in drones kind of fell away.

It was the same with Every day Carry. I would buy things for my EDC but there was always something more I wanted, and the pocketbook just couldn’t handle the level of spending required to get really nice stuff, so again, like the drones, I dropped it.

I realize that all too often, my interests and hobbies are directly related to how much disposable money I have, and as you know, that only goes so far for a normal guy like me.

Back To The Idea of Daily Blogging

I am hoping that doing the daily blog will help me to find interests and hobbies that I wouldn’t ordinarily discover. By forcing myself to write about something every day, I believe that I can find a new purpose to support my interests.

I envision parts of the blog being snippets from daily life, other parts might be product reviews on some of the stuff I use, or about things I’ve heard, seen or feel strongly about.

I also hope that these new blog posts will be interesting for you, the reader, and will become something that you’ll be back to read periodically.

For now, This is the first post of the new blog series. See you tomorrow everyone.

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