Daily Blogging Is Harder Than I Thought

Blogging every day Is Tough. Really Tough.

blogging everyday hard to do

Back on August 29, I decided that I would publish a Blog Post every day.

This is my 11th post on the 11th day of blogging every day.

I originally thought it wouldn’t be that hard – Just write a post about something during the previous day and all would be good.

It’s not as easy as it sounds.

First of all, the one thing I had not factored in was how I was going to make the posts interesting enough to read.

When I write for my day job, it’s very focused and I usually have a target audience that I’m writing for.

In personal blogging, it’s a much different story. I’m blogging thoughts and bits and pieces of my life, and frankly, I don’t have a target audience. If you’re on my site, you are my target audience.

The second thing is that I blog at night after everyone’s sleeping. I’m usually tired and I know a few of these posts have been short, or could have been better than they were. I was just so dang tired, yet had to get the post published that I needed to just get it done.

The other night, I was up until 2:30 AM trying to get a post done.

Here’s the process: During the day, try and figure out what I’ll blog about for the evening. I’ve been doing OK with this because I’ll just jot the idea on a sticky note and put away for the rest of the day.

When the kids and wifey are in bed, I’ll sit down, usually on my $199 Acer Chromebook and write the post.

I also have to look around for a good free stock photo and get that in there.

Finally, I schedule the post to go live at 6:35 AM, and add the social media posts for it in Hootsuite using the auto scheduler.

During the day while I’m focusing on my day job, the social media posts go out without me having to think about it or interact.

The Biggest Problem Is Making It Interesting

Sure, I could just write a post about what I ate or how many cups of coffee I drank, but no one wants to read that.

Finding something interesting enough for people to actually read and engage with is a lot harder, especially if you’re not a traveler, or do cool things every day.

Working at home doesn’t give me that much content to write about, and a lot of what happens at home has to do with the kids, so I don’t really feel like sharing it (other than my Son’s friend passing away).

I;m not a dad blogger. I don’t blog about my life and put it on the internet like they do.

It’s Not All Bad

I look through my Instagram or Facebook posts, and see that most of what I’ve been posting hasn’t been engaging. In fact, some of it is really cringe-worthy.

I’m going to be taking some time these evenings (in addition to blogging), and focusing on learning how to make these posts more interesting for you, the reader.

I’ll share what I learn just in case you’re interested in it as well.

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