Do One Thing And Do It Right

Sometimes focusing on just one thing is the right choice.

bumble bee on flower

I’ve found that over the past year and a half, I’ve spent time on many new interests. What I realized was that I couldn’t focus on any of them successfully. I’m taking a “Do One Thing” approach.

Do Just One Thing, But Do It Right.

It’s very easy to get caught up in all the newest and latest trends. From drones when they were big to Everyday Carry as a lifestyle to Photography and Videography, I’ve had just a ton of interests.

Because if this, I’ve discovered that I’m not very good at any one of them. This really falls in line with my “jack of all trades” personality.

In my career, I’ve been a Car Salesman, Cell Phone Technician, Call Center manager, Barista and a myriad of other things.

I essentially have tried as much as I could, but have never been good at any of them… at least not enough to stick with it (also a testament to being a jack of all trades).

Too Many Interests, Not Successful At Any One Of Them

As I went from interest to interest, I found that I was spending a lot of money on things that I thought I needed (but were really just “wants” in the end), dedicating a lot of time to an interest that wouldn’t go anywhere, or get dropped in a few months, and most importantly, I was missing the real opportunities that came my way.

When this realization struck me, I saw how much time I was actually wasting not getting anything of any importance done. I also saw how much money I was spending.

It’s pretty bone-jarring to see how all those little gadgets and tech toys do damage to your budget.

A New Approach To Life

I realized that I needed a new approach to life if I was going to ever get any further than the dreaded Jack of All Trades stature.

I knew that I wanted to be really good at something (again, this is in my personal life, not during the 9-5 job).

I tried picking one of those hobbies and interests, but I always lost interest if I couldn’t get the latest stuff to fuel the interest.

For a few months, I stopped being interested in anything at all.

Then it came to me.

The Bumble Bee Analogy

I was sitting out on the porch with my wife. We were enjoying a moment that evening and observing the bees pollinate the tomato plant flowers.

My wife said, “It’s interesting how focused and dedicated those bees are to pollinating and gathering nectar.”

Her words made sense and began to resonate with the growing thoughts I had about trying to focus on just one thing.

A bee’s only purpose during it’s waking hours is to fly from flower to flower gathering nectar and pollinating the flower.

By the same token, I had inadvertently become more like a squirrel, blindly running around searching for the next best thing.

I realized that what I needed to do was to stop the squirreling and become the bee… figuratively speaking.

How It Applies To My Personal Life

Dropping all those previous interests is really hard. Don’t get me wrong, I still love technology, gadgets, photography, and videography, but I made a decision.

Daily Blogging Was The One Thing I Chose To Do.

Since I started out blogging, I realized that it would be perfect to return to it. I already knew how to do it, I had this website just sitting around, and best of all, it costs me almost nothing to create a blog post every night (except a bit of sleep sometimes).

Other Interests Must Support The One Thing I Chose To Do

I found that I can still keep my interest in other things, but I made the conscious decision to only pursue them when they served a greater purpose, which in this case is writing a daily blog.

I can still pursue photography as long as I’m working on getting the best shot possible to put into the blog posts, such as the bee photo for this one.

I can also pursue some everyday carry, again, as long as it serves the writing of this blog every day.

I now emphatically stay away from things that could potentially become a new temporary interest or hobby. Chances are that they’d get dropped just like all the others in a month or two (or when the spending money runs out).

Everything I do after work and besides for being there for family is focused on these daily blogs. Every effort made is also for this purpose.

The bottom line is that if it doesn’t truly contribute and make the daily blog better, then I just don’t do it.

The Benefits Of Doing Just One Thing

What I’ve found after just a few days of focusing on a daily blog is that it simplifies everything. It’s much easier to make decisions, I stay a lot more focused.

In the end, I am way more productive and happier.

Doing just one thing, and striving every moment to do it better than the day before really makes a difference.

  • You feel more accomplished
  • You feel more focused
  • You DON’T feel like a failure
  • You DON’T waste time
  • Most of all, You accomplish something meaningful

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