Falling Down The Social Media Rabbit Hole

Interest Can Lead To Obsession And Next Thing You Know, You’ve Wasted A Whole Day Watching YouTube Videos

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By now, most of us have fallen down the social media rabbit hole at least once.

Social Media can be really addicting.

There are studies that “prove” that social media can be addictive and that many people, not just kids, obsess over it.

I’ll admit that I’ve been down the rabbit hole a few times. It seems harmless enough but a week into it, I found myself wondering what the hell I was doing. I was posting pictures of just about anything I thought *might* be shareworthy.

There have been days I’ve fired off 20 or more social media posts and then there have also been days I’ve been completely silent.

Social Media is a powerful tool. For those of us who work online for our 9 to 5’s, it’s always there and always a part of what we do.

I was watching the Joe Rogan Podcast the other day. Yeah, the one that Elon Musk took a hit of weed on and became the inspiration of countless Reddit memes:

elon musk reddit meme

I’d like to focus on a part of the conversation that had nothing to do with weed, but rather, something that I call “The Social Media Charade”.

The issue that we as social media consumers (as opposed to social media creators and influencers) have is that we only see the parts of life that the creator wants us to see.

We get a view through color graded videos, Instagram filters and get this sense that life should be glamorous and exciting 100% of the time.

Hell, we see YouTubers that travel and create videos all the time. Some of them do it for a full-time job, and we’re left to think that’s what life should be. In stark contrast, our lives then feel very boring and mundane, and we begin to feel like we’re not adequate or have the things that make for a happy life.

It’s all Smoke And Mirrors

Influencers and Creators make their living by showing you the best that life has to offer and from a very materialistic side of life.

Many of them have two separate lives: one on camera, and a different life privately.

Very few people on YouTube make it without sponsorships or serving ads.

Those that do are often overshadowed by ad revenue-backed creators that can do the same thing but have better tools and more resources.

The thing is that most people – like 94% of everyone that uses social media will not have the kind of life that we all see these influencers have.

As I said before, the more we immerse ourselves in these influencer’s lives, the more inadequate our own lives feel.

Turn It Off

I’ve learned the hard way.

I had to completely delete social media off my phone to “recover”.

I block social media on my computer from 8 to 6 unless it’s needed for work.

If I do allow myself to use it, I restrict the use to a specific purpose and then put the phone down when I’m done.

It takes a lot of discipline to walk away from, but in the end, you’ll find that you’re happier about your life and better off for leaving social media behind.

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