Having Focus Is So Underrated [Casey Neistat]

I’ve talked about doing just one thing, but it’s focus that will get you through.

focus by casey neistat

Back on September 2, I talked a bit about how I need to do just one thing rather than a whole bunch of things.

In essence, the more things you add to your plate, the less likely you will be to get things done on all fronts.

FOCUSING on just one or two can be a game changer.

I Stumbled Across This Casey Neistat Vlog and Had To Comment

Source: Casey Neistat

I start the clip where Casey’s doing his Question and Answer time, and someone asks him

“Other than hard work, what advice would you give to better yourself, both in life and in your career field?”

Casey reiterates the fact that you need to focus on one thing to be good at it.

He draws a picture where you can either do ten things poorly or one thing really well.

My previous post about doing just one thing mirrors his sentiments.

You’ll have a better chance of doing something better if you keep your focus narrow.

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