How Much Is It Worth To You?

What are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want in life?

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I’ve made a lot of sacrifices in life. I’ve also gained a lot of great things as well. When it really comes down to it, how much are happiness and success really worth to you?

There comes a point where everyone has there limits

The thing is that most people are happy sacrificing some of the truly rewarding stuff in life because they want a little comfort, a little more sleep, or would rather not seek out the hardships that come before the reward.

I know how it goes because I was too comfortable being in my comfortable spot. When it came to choosing sleep or getting that extra work done, I used to choose sleep, justifying the action by telling myself that I’d make time tomorrow.

The only problem is that as you put one thing off, you start to put more and more off until anything that might be important to you never happens.

Tonight is one of those nights I’m going to be up for a very LONG time.

I probably won’t get to bed before 3 AM knowing I have to be up again by 5:30.

With the crash of my website, I am running a day behind in the daily blog posts, and this one will be published after 10 PM. Then I’ll have to start in on tomorrow’s post that will publish at the normal 06:35 time that I schedule all my posts to go live.

I have some coffee and I’m ready to get started on the next post.

See you then.

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