How To Find A New Interest If Nothing Interests You

When it feels like you just aren’t interested in anything, Try this.

There are times when you might feel like you’re just not interested in anything.

Nothing excites you. Nothing interests you anymore.

Perhaps you’ve spent a lot more time watching YouTube videos or playing games than you did before.

You might be less inclined to get out of bed in the mornings on your day off too.

It might be a noticeable change in how much alcoholic beverages you’re consuming.

What Aren’t You Interested In?

The thing is that you’ve dropped interest in the things that you once were interested in, and simply haven’t been able to fill the void with something new.

It could be a situation where you really don’t have the cash to support your old interests anymore.

You have to understand why those old things don’t interest you anymore. What are the reasons that you’ve dropped the interest?

The top reasons that people usually drop an interest is:

  1. Not enough money
  2. Not enough time
  3. Change in lifestyle

The thing is that it could be coming from your situation. If you are living in a chaotic environment, it’s going to be hard to stay focused on your interests.

Finding New Interests

It can be really hard to find something new to be interested in. You might have fleeting thoughts, like “oh, I could do that…” or “that might be interesting…:

Try this method: Stop doing things you’re not interested in.

Put down that phone or tablet and stop playing games. Close that browser and stop watching YouTube videos. These types of things will essentially prevent you from finding a new passion because they’re filling the void with something that won’t help you get anywhere.

Get Up And Do Something

The first thing you need to do is start somewhere. Join a club. Go to a Meetup. Experience something new. Give yourself a goal of just trying one new thing every week at a minimum.

Join In Your Friends and Family’s passions

If you’re not interested in anything, be interested in someone else’s passions. If your best friend really loves to run, go on a run with them. Even if you’re really out of shape, you can show your support for their interest.

Have People Over

Sometimes the best way to find a new interest is to just be around people. Someone might have an interest that you’ve not thought of before. You just might try it and like it.

Connect With The Community

What’s going on in your community? There’s a great place to start. Doing something meaningful and worthwhile almost always becomes an interest on some level.

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