How To Optimize Your Facebook Page

Facebook is a Social Media platform that businesses cannot afford to ignore

Facebook is a Social Media platform that businesses cannot afford to ignore. With over 1.94 billion active users monthly, Facebook is the number one social media platform, and a flourishing feeding ground for business growth.

There’s one glaring problem with Facebook, however…

There’s no real way to translate user likes on posts, ads and boosts to ROI (return on investment).

Success on Facebook boils down to building a solid strategy and time.

You can’t just jump in with the big dogs and start buying ads, however. In one survey, only 24% of the 4700 small businesses surveyed are seeing a positive ROI from efforts on Facebook, and in my humble opinion, and from what I’ve seen in my line of work, most small businesses don’t think beyond firing off ads and boosts and praying for something to happen.

Optimizing Your Facebook Page For Clicks and Conversions

The idea is that you want new followers to understand what your business is about and take intended action as quickly and easily as possible is one of the foremost priorities that should be considered for businesses using Facebook. Second, knowing what’s working and what isn’t is the key to Facebook for Business success.

It’s All In The Details

Details matter. From your profile picture to short and long descriptions. I can’t tell you how many businesses focus on only two out of the three. Incomplete business profile pages leave potential followers with the feeling that the business really doesn’t care, or doesn’t pay attention to details.

Change Out That 5 Year Old Profile Photo. NOW.

The profile photo is far more important that your page’s cover photo. Subliminally, people glance at the profile photo in posts to identify who posted the content they’re scrolling through.

The profile photo should align with your branding efforts as it’s seen on every post, including ones that are shared by your followers. People should instantly recognize the business at a glance. If the business profile photo is blurry, off center or otherwise unidentifiable, then you need to change it NOW.

Choose an image (doesn’t have to be your logo either) that is instantly recognizable with your brand and page. It should be clear, easy to look at, and catch attention.

  • The profile image should be edited with care in Photoshop or similar.
  • It should be square by default so it fits perfectly.
  • The image should be no smaller than 180px X 180px
  • The Image needs to be clear and identifiable at 40px x 40px as it’s shown in shares and status updates within a newsfeed.

Action Inspiring Cover Photos

The cover photo isn’t viewed as much as a profile photo. People only see it when they land on the Facebook page. It’s not seen in any newsfeed unless the page itself is shared.

The cover photo should never be a set and forget item in your Facebook Page strategy.

There should be strategic times according to your marketing schedule that the cover photo here (along with cover photos across other social medias) should be changed out.

You are wanting your potential followers to be inspired to take action, whether that be to like and share, buy a product, sign up for a newsletter or such, and the cover photo is a great way to covey the messaging associated with the desired action.

John Chow of his self titled blog does a great job on his Facebook page Cover Photo. Who doesn’t want to follow someone with a $3 million dollar check in his hand? LOL.

Even if this was totally faked, it’s still inspiring enough for 13,000+ followers to take action.

Salesforce also does a nice job. Notice how those location pins arc towards the sign up button? Very nice indeed.

You’ll notice that a lot of businesses will change their cover photos out with the seasons, but I would argue that you should change them out according to announcements, promotions, significant events and actions that you want people to take.

Does Your Page Have A Custom URL or Username?

If not, it should. is a lot more attractive than, and a lot more memorable. It also can help the company rank higher for that username within Facebook, and the page itself can rank higher in SERP when the name matches or is closely associated with the search term.

Fill Out The Descriptions… Seriously.

Filling out the descriptions not only tell your potential followers a bit about your company, but it also is used as the description of your page in the search engines.

Add Your Website In The About Section

I probably don’t need to go into how to do this, but making sure that your website URL is in the the Facebook about section is a “must do”.

Also, make sure to link to your FB Page from your website as well. This is easily done using social media buttons, or manually if desired. This creates an association between your Facebook page and your business website in the search engines, and they will often place your social media pages right below or above your website’s listing in SERP.

Select The Right Template For Your Business

In case you didn’t know, Facebook offers templates that change the layout based on the type of business you have.

  • Services
  • Shopping (includes shopping tab for your Facebook store)
  • Business
  • Venues
  • Non-profits
  • Politicians
  • Restaurants and Cafés

You will want to select the right one for your business, as it’s fairly optimized from a layout perspective to give your potential followers the information they need to take an action.

Add A Call To Action (CTA) Button

The call to action button is found right below the cover photo to the right. In the Salesforce image above, the CTA button is the blue one that says “Sign Up”.

Giving your customers and potential followers something that they can take action on is imperative. Use this button.

Are You Using Page Tabs? If Not, You Should

Tabs are found below the profile photo and page name on the left. Again, in the Salesforce image above, you can see them in light gray in that spot.

Using page tabs allows you to create custom content that works in harmony with your Facebook Page initiatives. You can use these pages to:

  • Showcase special offers, promotions and sales
  • Display your Facebook shop and products
  • Give more detail about services you offer

You want to give your potential followers enough information to make an actionable decision, but not too much info that they get confused, bored or lost and click away.

Update The Page Often

People need repetition to remember. If you haven’t updated your status or created a new post in ages, then there’s a good chance that people have forgotten that you exist, and your page views are low.

Just posting random information and pictures isn’t going to work either.

A Business should try to post content that both engages the viewer and call them to take action in some way.

  • Post Curated Content on a regular schedule
  • Stream Live videos or post prerecorded ones
  • Ask Questions and contribute to discussions
  • Tag specific pages and people that are associated with a post
  • Upload eye catching images

You want your potential follower to stop scrolling through their news feed when they see your post and engage. All the points above will help make this happen.

What Is The Competition Doing?

Chances are that you have competitors. Chances are that they’re on Facebook as well. Take some time to check out what they’re doing to get new followers. Also check out what they are doing with their page. Is everything filled out? Is their page better than yours?

Get a feeling for how your competition is using Facebook, and rise to their level and then strategize to eclipse their efforts.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, it really is about creating compelling, unique content that stays in front of your target audience. On Facebook, it’s a simple (but not easy) process. Once it happens though, you can see massive changes for the better in your followers, CTR and other metrics, but keep this in mind: It’s not about interaction, it’s about ROI.

Don’t focus on the number of followers. If all your ten thousand followers never take action, they’re as good as no followers. If you only have ten followers, but they’re buying $10,000 in product every month, I’d take that over those other ten thousand dead fish any day.

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