I Lost It. OK, It Was Only The Last Two.

I Lost the last two blog posts when the site crashed. Here’s what I learned.

I’m actually writing this post at 11:45 PM on Sept. 14. I’ve backdated it for September 13th to fill in the first missing blog post.

I don’t know why it happened.

Last night (September 14, 2018, at 0130 ET) I had just completed my 17th daily vlog post despite the fact that I was going back to a more sane schedule of two to four times a week.

This morning, I checked this site before work and found that it was giving me a 500 server error. I looked at the logs and saw that MySQL had corrupted itself, but that doesn’t explain the server error as that’s a database issue.

It was about 0630AM when I checked to see what my most recent backup was.

It was then that I found that the site hadn’t been backed up since September 13th at 0105AM. I had finished that day’s post around 0200 AM, so the backup had been generated before I wrote the blog posts from the 13th or 14.

I had no choice but to restore that backup, but it was costly.

I’m Two Days Behind In My Daily Blog

This was the tweet that I sent out when I wrote the first blog post on the 13th.

The second blog post from the 14th didn’t even post to twitter for some reason. It did go to Facebook though.

Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned…

I cut corners. I created the posts directly in the WordPress editor, not how I normally do it by writing and editing in Google Docs.

Creating your content directly in WordPress is one of those mortal sins that should never happen.

I was tired from the day, and it was really friggin’ late on both nights, so I cut corners trying to save time.

Because of that, I lost all the work that I’d done since the early hours of the morning on September 13.

Double The Backups

I don’t want that ever happening again.

It sucks to lose any kind of work.

I have two backups saving the site every night now. The first one is a cPanel backup that initiates right after midnight. The second backup runs in WordPress and backs the site up around 10:00 AM automatically while I’m working.

Both backups are saved to a second server and then to Google Drive.

This is NEVER happening again.


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