I’m Tired Of SEO Spam Mail

Don’t Ask Me To Link To Your Blog.

If you own a website, chances are that you have received more than a few emails from wierd people or “SEO Companies” that want you to hire them.

I’m tired of these SEO Firms.

The ones that blast out messages without even looking at your site.

Here’s What I’m Talking About:

First of all, I know that no one took a look at the site because the site in question is one of the top ranked sites for certain keywords in the field. I also know that it’s 100% up to date with “current market standards” because it was refreshed earlier this month.

Think of these SEO Spam emails like this:

You need a job.

Instead of doing research on each job you might want to get an interview for, you just spam your resume to all of them. Your job description doesn’t match what they’re looking for. Your talents are way off, and worst of all, you’ve attached your name to this hot mess.

That’s what those Spam Emails are like.

If you’re considering using a company for your digital marketing initiatives, do yourself a favor. Don’t hire one that puts out this spammy stuff!

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