It’s The First Day Of School For The Kids!

Kids: “Why do we have to get up so friggin’ early???” Dad answer: “It Builds Character.”

kid getting on school bus morning

It seems a bit ridiculous that my kids have to be up half an hour earlier than I do in order for them to get the bus to school. That’s assuming I needed to get up to go to an office somewhere of course.

If anything, kids need their sleep, but the school system seems hellbent on depriving them as much as possible.

I can’t argue. I agree with the idea of getting as much time in your day as possible. There are regular nights since I started doing Daily Blog entries that I’ve been up as early as 4:30 AM to get some extra time in to write before work.

But it’s the idea that they have to be up at the buttcrack of dawn and their day doesn’t end until 9pm or 10pm at night is crazy.

My wife and I choose to drive the kids to school every day so they don’t have to be up as early. This gives them an extra hour to sleep and get ready. Crazy, right?

I can only hope they appreciate these sacrifices when they get older.

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