SmartRuler 2.0 – Credit Card Ruler For Artists and Engineers

Ruler, Compass, Protractor, L-Square, Circle Templates and More – All In Your Wallet!

I’ve done reviews for the MRF Multitool SmartRuler before, but I have to add one here because it’s the handiest little credit card multitool (for artists and engineers) that I’ve ever come across.

Most multitools are designed to work for you if you have no other tools around, but the Smartruler 2.0 is a bit different. This tool is perfect for writers, artists, engineers, and doodlers as it’s multitool focus is on the things that you’d want when drawing or charting.

SmartRuler 2.0 Is A TSA Approved Multitool

If you read my post where I was looking for a new travel backpack, you’ll remember that I’ve started traveling more. Most credit card tools won’t get past TSA security checkpoints because they have a fixed blade on one side or more.

The SmartRuler can pass all safety inspections and will have no issues going through TSA checkpoints because there’s no sharp edges, no points and nothing that could easily be used for assault.

I’ve carried the SmartRuler in my wallet along with a Field Notes pocket notebook where ever I’ve gone, and no one’s had an issue with it.

Real World Usefulness

Most multitools that I’ve come across don’t have a lot of real world usefulness. The blades are dull and they’re mass produced in such a way that they’re just junk.

The SmartRuler is actually a really useful tool. It’s best used with a 3.5″ x 5.5″ pocket note book, but it can also work in the A5 and 3.3″ x 8.5″ journals as well.

The ruling capabilities are a bit limited due to it’s size but I really like having the protractor and circle templates! You never know when you’ll need those, but when you do, this little tool is the best thing since baked bread (well… almost).

There’s a couple other handy non-artsy tools on the multitool as well. I’ve used the bottle opener a bit, and have also used it as a cord wrap for my headphones, but it’s best use is a phone stand for watching videos. You just insert a card into the long slit and you have a nice phone holder! On my Galaxy S8, it works for landscape positioning, but won’t hold the phone in portrait mode.

The ruler is also really good for road mapping and on topographical maps.Sure, most people just use their phones these days, but knowing how to calculate distance on a paper map is a handy (outdated?) skill to have.

You can pick up the MRF Smartruler 2.0 from the MRF Multitool’s website directly for $15.99.

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