The First Day Of Fall… Sort Of. Summer’s Over Anyway.

Kids Going Back To School This Week and Summer is Over. Oh, And Happy Labor Day

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OK, so I know that summer is only officially over on September 22, but for me, and probably every kid in Michigan, summer ends today.

It’s Monday, September 3, also Labor Day here in the USA, and tomorrow, they all go back to school.

Summer Is Over. Do I Need A Snowblower This Year?

My wife and I are excited that the kids will be returning to public school this year. Previously we were homeschooling them, but we’ve both decided that they need to have the social interaction that going back to school offers.

Our oldest, Lex, is returning to the same middle school and hopes to catch up with old friends. Roo, our middle child is going to middle school for the first time, and he’s excited but apprehensive. Bella, our youngest is just happy at having the possibility of meeting new friends.

For me, it means a quiet house to work in during the day, but since I was never bothered or distracted much (thanks to my wife for supporting me and keeping the kids engaged while I worked), it never was really an issue.

I won’t speak for my wife’s plans, but she’s got a lot of ideas of what she’s going to do with her newly acquired free time.

I Haven’t Failed This Daily Blog!

I’m already on my eighth post for this new daily blog initiative and have found so many things to blog about. It’s amazing what happens when you really turn up the focus on just one primary thing. There’s so much going on right now, I could post three or four posts a day, but honestly, my 9 to 5 work and family come first, and that brings me to a point:

Priorities: Family, Work, Personal Time

Priorities are a funny thing. On an emotional level, they can change a lot. I’ve found that once I started focusing on just this one thing to do during my personal time, Family and Work-life fell right in place.

I get up in the morning and prepare to “go to work”, even though it’s right in my house. I dedicate 120% or more to my 9 to 5, feeling more accomplished than I ever have.

I also have prioritized family in the evenings and on weekends, and dedicate as much time as possible to being there for them.

Finally, this daily blog is something I see as equally important to all the other things in my life, but I dedicate time to it only after the kids are in bed and I’ve read stories and said goodnight.

Blog posts can take an hour to three hours, and I’m usually asleep by 1:00 AM. I publish these posts early the next morning after reviewing the post again.

I used to stay up to 1 all the time, but now it’s with a purpose and focus, just as the allotment of time for my day job. Clearly dividing time and energy (in my case, at least) results in more productive work and play on all fronts.

In Other News

I checked the weather forecasts for this fall and winter online along with the Farmer’s Almanac and found that there’s supposed to be a lot of snow this winter.

I really hate shoveling snow.

So much so, that I get downright mad that when the neighbors with snowblowers are out leisurely plowing their drives, and I’m breaking my back and still hurling snow around.

This year I really want to get a new snowblower, but only if there’s enough snow to warrant such a purchase. There could be little that’s more aggravating than spending $500 on an expensive snowblower and having no snow all winter.

I know it’s kind of a crapshoot, but you don’t want to be that guy who’s searching desperately for one as six feet of snow is blanketing the city either.

That’s pretty much it for today’s blog post. See you tomorrow.

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