Found On YouTube: The Rick and Morty Plumbus X iPhone Parody

I wasn’t sure what it was, but I feared the worst. Turns out to be something completely different.

plumbus rick morty

It’s really late on Saturday night, so I decided to do something fun for this blog post. Earlier this evening I stumbled across the most amazing thing. I really had no idea what this was, and I’d never heard of a Plumbus.

Yes, A Plumbus.

Obviously, it was an iPhone commercial parody, but I had to ask one of my friends what the heck I was watching in order to find out the real truth of the Plumbus

Yes, it came from Rick and Morty.

Source: Nimrod Zaguri

Original Description:

“To create the new Plumbus, every fundamental element of the device had to be completely imagined, and then, reimagined
Art direction: Nimrod Zaguri
Narration by: Tim wells”

After a bit of research, I found that someone had actually created a Plumbus Owner’s Manual.

plumbus owners manual

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