TIL: Space Pens Won’t Actually Work in Outer Space

It works in Zero Gravity, but not at -454.81 Fahrenheit

I love using the Fisher Space Pens.

They’re really reliable and can be used in just about any weather condition that I might find myself in. Most of the time, the most extreme condition that my space pens are required to work in is either writing using a wall as a backing for my notebook, or writing upside down in rare cases.

But I realized something when I was opening a new refill today…

I was just looking at the packaging of one of my Fisher Space Pen Refills and noted that the pen is only good down to -30° F.

fisher space pen refill
Fisher Space Pen operates between -30F and 250F… not at deep space temperatures.

Temperature in space is a very cold -454.81° Fahrenheit.

So, in essence, the space pen couldn’t be used unprotected in space by an astronaut in a space suit.

It could be used in zero gravity, but just not in deep space.

It’s unimportant to most people, so that’s why I put this into the Semi-Useful Knowledge category. LOL

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