Wendy’s Is Giving Away Free Harvest Salads This Fall [Sept. 22 – Oct. 7]

Yes, there’s a catch. The salad is only free with a purchase, and it’s only 1/2 the size, but it’s FREE, right?

free wendy's harvest salad sept oct 2018

Of all the fast food chains that are around the city I live in, Wendy’s is probably the best one.

They have better burgers, but I really don’t get excited about those super-floppy fries.

Free Wendy’s Salad Offer

The deal is this:

Wendy’s is giving out free half-size salads with any purchase.

So technically, you could walk in and get a $0.99 fries or burger and get a Harvest Salad for free.

The best part is that you can go in and get this deal once every single day. Honestly, I don’t know what would stop you from going there once in the morning, and then showing up again for dinner. Might even work if you paid for a couple orders with different credit cards too.

I don’t think those cashiers really give a crap, so my guess is that as long as each one is rung up separately, they’ll do it.

The deal is good between Sept. 22 and Oct. 7, 2018.

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