Who Wants A New GoPro Hero 7 Black?

Super smooth video from an Action Camera? Take My Money!!!

GoPro Hero 7 might be a viable video camera for everyday use, but it’s not likely that it will replace your smartphone anytime soon.

Action cameras usually aren’t the best for getting normal video footage, as you would as a casual user on a smartphone or perhaps your point-and-shoot/DSLR.

The GoPro Hero 7 takes a giant step closer to being a viable camera that you can take with you everywhere, and pull out when the moment calls for a bit of footage.

It looks like any other GoPro, but it’s what’s under the hood that really counts here.

The New Hero 7 Hypersmooth Feature

It’s the thing that everyone’s talking about. This is the one area that the Hero 7 beats out a smartphone. The super buttery smooth video taken from the Hero 7 looks better than smartphone video but not as good as a smartphone on a gimbal.

GoPro’s promotional video featuring the Hypersmooth feature

Portrait Mode

The Hero 7 will take video in portrait mode, just like holding your cellphone upright. Other than Instagram stories and snapchat, I’m not really sure how much use this will be to vloggers, but I can’t imaging that it will be used often.

Timelapse Stabilization

One of the things about time lapses is that if you’re doing one from the hood of a moving car, walking or moving from point A to point B in general, the video tends to bounce around and look choppy.

GoPro Hero 7 stabilizes the footage from a moving time lapse making the scene a lot nicer to watch. The way it works is that the GoPro doesn’t take a series of photos, but rather records video and using accelerometer, it creates the smooth time lapse footage.

Video Duration Modes

The new GoPro Hero 7 gives you options to set the duration of your video. I really don’t see this being a feature that most vloggers would value, but it’s there.

New User Interface

The on-screen user interface has been revamped for better usability. The navigation is easier and clearer, which is refreshing. The interface has also been simplified, so finding the right settings will be also easier.

Live Streaming Mode

The GoPro Hero 7 features a new live stream mode. This is one features that some vloggers that do live streaming will definitely want to take advantage of. Steam directly from the GoPro or through your mobile phone. The only drawback is that the Hero 7 is limited to 720P for live stream.

Photo Countdown Timer

Yes, finally there’s a timer for when you want to get your whole family in front of Mount Rushmore. Again, will this feature help the average vlogger? Probably not, and besides, phone camera software has been able to do this for years.

Superphoto Mode

Superphoto mode is pretty much HDR mode, but better. When you’re moving with the GoPro, Superphoto looks at accelerometer data and essentially tone-maps the images.

The photos just don’t compare to a high-end DSLR, but they definitely do compete with your smartphone when it comes to recreational use.

Better Overall Audio

GoPro has really worked hard to improve audio on the Hero 7 from its predecessors. The membranes have been changed on all the microphones to eliminate the distorted, tinny, wind-tunnel sound.

Apple MFI Integration

If you’re an Apple user, you’ll be happy to know that the chipset was switched out on the Hero 7 to allow for faster pairing and overall performance.


The Hero 7 Black is the top of the line model, and if you’re going to get one, this one should be it. The only drawback is that it’s $399, so if you’re just a casual user, you might want to look at the Yi 4K Action Camera instead. If you are sure that you’ll really be using it often, or just want the best of the best, then the $400 price tag won’t deter you.


Hero 7 silver – $299
Hero 7 white – $199

What good is a product overview without a few videos?

Very nice review by the guys over at Engadget

A really nice Gopro 7 vs 6 comparison by Andy Kong

At the time of this blog post, DC Rainmaker had the best technical review of the Hero 7 Black.

Even though Casey Neistat didn’t go over all the specs, his video definitely highlighted the GoPro’s usability for different activities.

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