Why I Don’t Wear Smartwatches Anymore

Smartwatches are great if you like distractions, random notifications and information overload.

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I don’t wear smartwatches anymore. I used to like them, but over the past year, I’ve returned to regular analog and digital watches. Here are all the reasons…

They Don’t Have 10 Year Batteries, nor are they Solar Rechageable

This is my main complaint. With the number of calls, emails, messages and other notifications that I get within the day, even a brand new smartwatch lasts little more than a day.

This means that I have to charge the watch at night in order to use it the next day, so forget sleep tracking.

If it’s an extra busy day, the watch can die and is little more than dead weight on my wrist.

My “dumb” watches can go for up to 10 years on a single battery. One of my Casios is solar rechargeable as well.

I literally never worry about the watch dying when I need it.

Smartwatches Aren’t Waterproof

I’ve taken the smartwatch in the shower by accident. For the Fitbit, it didn’t end well. I’ve also got sick of taking the watch off everytime I was going to come in contact with large amounts of water.

Swimming with the kids, taking a shower, washing the car, washing dishes, cleaning up a mess… I always had to take my smartwatch off for that in fear that it would take on too much water and break.

None of my digital or analog watches need to be removed. I don’t care if I’m caught in a downpour or fall out of a canoe. I know they’ll survive the submersion without skipping a second. Most of them are submersible down to 100 meters, and they can stay under water indefinately.

Smartwatches are Distracting

When it’s heads-down work time, the incessant vibrations, alert notification dings, and random screen wake-ups drive me batty! If I’m working, I really don’t want to be disturbed by an email from some displaced prince of Nigeria asking to put his millions of dollars in my account. I also don’t need to know what my Facebook and Twitter followers are up to either.

I found that wearing a smartwatch was killing productivity because I always “needed” to know what the buzz, ding or screen wake-up was for.

As a side note, during the work day, my phone is on silent. I only look at it at specific times through the day. No notifications and no ringing (unless it’s in the family or work contact group — those come through).

By putting on a regular watch, I find that I can get more done in less time because I’m not being constantly distracted by my phone or smartwatch.

I Don’t Need A Fitness Tracker

So I’m not the fittest guy in the room. I haven’t lifted weights in forever, and the only time I run is to chase down the ice cream truck (just kidding).

What it boils down to is that a fitness tracker really doesn’t do anything for me. I found that it really doesn’t motivate me to work out any more than get getting the gumption up myself would.

I don’t really wish to make my workouts public, nor do I have close friends that I want to share my exercise habits with anyway.

I Don’t Like The Bloatware

For the Samsung Gear S smartwatch specifically, I don’t like the fact that it comes with a ton of crappy apps that I don’t need or want. Bloomberg, Flipboard and Yahoo finance are some of those apps. They take up space and notify me of stuff I have no interest in any way. Besides, all these extra apps contribute to the massive battery drain.

If I could remove them, I would, but they’re stuck on the permanent memory and can’t be removed. F*&K you Samsung!

When I Wear A Watch, I Wear A Normal Watch

Some might think that a tech nut like me has to have the latest and greatest gear, and with some things, that might be correct, but when it comes to timepieces, I will wear a Casio that has world time, tells me when the tides are in or out, when the sun rises and sets or what moon phase we’re in, but at the very least, it won’t randomly ding, beep, turn on the screen or disturb a meeting I’m in.

There’s also a certain elegance to a standard timepiece that a smartwatch just couldn’t hope to come close to.

I love my US Government Marathon Tritium watch that will stay illuminated for 25 years without a light source.

I love the “Casio Royal” for it’s world time map and 5, yes, FIVE alarms. I love my field watch for it’s rugged and utilitarian looks and purpose.

Smartwatches are convenient on the weekends or when you aren’t really relying on the watch to be a watch.

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